Jessica Steward is much, much more than a “life coach.” She’s a hilarious genius overflowing with ideas that bring delight to everyone around her. As a businesswoman, she brings in abundance by generating fun, not work. Don’t be mistaken, she can work like a mule. She’s just found that fun works better. She’ll teach you how this happens, and get it happening for you. Prepare for some seriously unserious times playing with Jessica toward a happier life.  – Martha Beck, Best-selling Author & Life Coach

picDid I think I needed to hire a coach? Nope. No way. Not me. But I was stalled in my career, wallowing in self-pity about the changed world of publishing, and was utterly and completely stuck. Tentatively, I reached out to Jessica and am incredibly glad I did. She listened, she offered up wise advice, she made me laugh (a lot!), she vanquished my bad attitude. Six months later and I have so many ideas I hardly know where to start. Stuck? Not anymore, thanks to Jessica and her generous heart.  – Laura Shaw Feit, Laura Shaw Design

Working with Jessica is like having a partner in your business – a partner who gives you clarity and joy in moving forward when you might have felt a bit murky about just what direction to take.

That’s exactly where I was…stuck.  And I had no idea what I would accomplish with Jessica, but within one week, I started to completely shift my business in the direction I really wanted it to go.  Her direct feedback, her ability to ask great questions and gather needed info, and her humor were tremendously valuable…key to getting me on the right track.

Jessica uses her background in business and marketing to bring a great perspective in running a small business, and she often does this in a deeply spiritual and funny way – she’s more than a coach…she ‘sees’ you, which gives her the ability to guide you in deeply intuitive, yet practical ways. 

I would definitely recommend working with Jessica – she is a great business coach.

 – Nona Jordan, The Business Yogini, Money Coach

“I’m not exaggerating to say the session with you changed me. It got me back on course. As much as it frankly sucks to be in this “in-between time,” being able to ‘name it and claim it’ helped. I read the poem [The Interim Time by John O’Donahue] you sent often. It is so perfectly reflective of this time. My session with you felt magical.” ~Brenda, San Diego, CA

“The thought of getting my message out to the people I serve, also called ‘Marketing,’ was overwhelming.  In many ways, I hid, believing that it was my craft that deserved my attention, alone, and not the selling of it.  But really, I was avoiding the marketing monster I had created in my mind.  As a result, no one could really see what I was offering, and I was left wondering why so few were showing up.

I love what Jessica has done for me.  She taught me to see that my marketing message can reflect, with authenticity, who I am – and, with clarity, what I do for the people I serve. Once I got this, it was easy to carry forward into my blogs, my website, my videos, and my new radio show.  The monster shrank.

Not only has she helped me describe, in a clear voice, the business I run, but Jessica’s generosity of time and support helped me recognize where and how I might provide this very same level of mentorship for my people.

I’ve finally stopped playing it small.  I feel like I am finally starting to communicate just how much my work matters with more confidence than ever.  Apparently, my many new clients have gotten the message.

Thank you, Jessica.  “

~ Michael Trotta, Sagefire Institute for Natural Coaching

The thing about Jessica is that she is no ‘run-of-the-mill’ coach. I love her humor and her authenticity and her compassion. She asks the questions that need to be asked, and Jessica can tell the truth in the most compassionate and loving way, while getting to the heart of the matter. I definitely feel safe while working with her on these deep issues.

Our coaching is still a work in progress, and she keeps me moving forward, helping me get clarity while keeping me grounded and focused on my goals.

Hire Jessica. It will be one of your best decisions!

~Lori, Oregon

“I really wasn’t sure why I wanted to work with Jessica Steward, except to say I had rubbed elbows with her. I had typical concerns… how much, how long, is she the ‘right’ person? I was stunned after talking with Jessica for the first time. I felt IMMEDIATE clarity. 

I walked away with guiding principles for my business, a foundation for which to base all my projects and writing. She had me putting action behind my 

dreams and desires, bringing them to life. She has this amazing ability to read between the lines and package up my scattered ideas and thoughts. She’s like ‘Nanny 911’ for your business, she whips you into shape with her humor, insight and unique magic touch. She sees what I can’t. If you are ready to bring your ideas to reality and/or get clear on the fundamentals of your business, Jessica is your girl.”

~Jen Trulson, www.jentrulson.com

“Working with Jessica was like having someone on my team who really “got” me.  I felt supported, understood and inspired to move towards what was right for me.  I was comfortable being vulnerable with Jessica and this helped me become aware of, allow and to move past what was keeping me stuck.  

Jessica met me where I really was rather than where I wished I was.  Once things were flowing, Jessica helped me to clarify my business ideas, to break those ideas into doable stops and then helped me to set deadlines for getting them done.  She helped me take the scary steps I wanted to take by listening to how I work and finding methods that suited me. I would absolutely recommend Jessica if you want a coach who has the amazing ability to meet you were you are at and get you going where you want to go.”

~Mariette West, Life Coach, Claim Your Life

“I came to Jessica completely stuck. I was disempowered. My thoughts around my business were so muddled that I had no idea what I wanted my business to look like or how to move forward. In one meeting with Jessica, she was able to see immediately through my various ideas for my business and helped me to define it – just like that. She helped me to find my access point.

Through her worksheets and her continued feedback, she helped me to break the bigger ideas into manageable chunks to further refine and define my business. Jessica has a gift of providing a safe place to bring it all to the table – fears and lack of clarity to name two – and lend relief with her wit and smart business sense.  Since working with Jessica my business has sprouted wings and is flying. However what is important to me is that I now have the confidence to keep moving forward. I am now empowered!

I highly encourage anyone who is starting a business to work with Jessica. She can without a doubt help you with the bigger ideas of just starting a business, to working with you to create systems to make your business more successful. I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with Jessica and will continue to work with her in the future. She is a gifted coach. Bottom line.”

-Kimberly Higgins, Life Coach & Holistic Nutritionist

“I started my sessions with Jessica with the idea that I could not be coached.  I had so many things going on in my life and in my mind that it almost seemed impossible to be able to shake off the cobwebs of my past and take on a new way of thinking about myself and others, plus my future.

As a result of working with Jessica, I find that I can have dreams and goals.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, it’s what I want and what makes me happy in life.   With Jessica’s guidance, I have found out what my goals are and am currently pursuing them.  I couldn’t be happier!

I really was impressed with the fact that Jessica is very knowledgeable about what she does as a Martha Beck Life Coach.  She provides a wealth of information and insight into your situation.  She has a unique way of helping you see things from a different perspective.

Another great quality about Jessica is her ability to have fun with you.  Most situations can have a humorous side to them and Jessica can always lighten things up with a funny expression or story.  She takes the time to listen and understand what you are trying to say which is very important to me.

I am very confident about recommending Jessica to other people.  She is an excellent Life Coach.  She respects you for who you are and is very eager to help you become what you may have only dreamed of all your life.

It was an honor working with Jessica.  She was the right person at the right time for me!”

– Barbara, Nashville, TN

“At first I really didn’t think I needed a coach to get my business up and running, after all I am already at the helm of one successful business.  Lucky for me, I went ahead and hired Jessica anyway because the results have been incredible.

Not only was Jessica able to help me focus and distill my goals and my process, which saved me a huge amount of wasted time, but her incredible insight and highly intuitive nature have allowed me to get to the heart of what my purpose is with my programs and my market. Jessica’s knowledge of marketing systems combined with her natural gifts as a coach make her a formidable ally for anyone wanting to get to the next level whether it be in business or in life.

I would highly recommend  Steward Coaching to anyone who wants effective top quality assistance in reaching their ultimate goals and dreams. Thank you Jessica!!”

-Lori Race, Life Coach & Acupuncturist

“My wife is a coach, but I didn’t think coaching could work for me. Fortunately, I was wrong.  Working with Jessica has helped me get through some rough times with a good (well, better) attitude, and gave me hope that tomorrow can be a better day, as long as I figure out why today was subpar.

Jessica has a great way of helping me bring forward to consciousness the self-defeating subconscious mental jiggers, which has now allowed me to deal with them face-on. My life feels better after working with Jessica. I  also liked her professional worksheets and her professional manner.

I would recommend working with Jessica because she knows what she is doing. She doesn’t preach or talk more than necessary. She lets you realize your thoughts and thought patterns so that you can deal with them as you please. She does not judge, or tell you you are stupid, or wrong. Jessica kicks ass.”

-male entrepreneur client, Los Angeles, CA