I love teaching and offering group classes. It’s like butter.

Mmmm. Warm biscuits.

Anyway, I teach a lot. My experience includes teaching for Martha Beck Inc.’s Life Coach Training program, Anamsong Mind-Body Coach University, Susan Hyatt’s Clear Coaches, and The Authentic VA Business Building Program.

My latest venture is with my forthcoming organization, A Mighty Kindness. The website is still being developed so I’ll be listing new biscuits below until the site is live.

Oh my gosh, did I say biscuits again?




 Writing as a Spiritual Practice I

In this introductory circle offering, learn the art of “inner hearing” in order to tap into the wisdom of your higher self or spirit through writing. This will be an intimate group of 6 writers over 6 sessions. Let’s Write>>


Having admired Jessica from afar from the moment she came on my radar, I jumped at the chance to sign up for a class that she was teaching, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Her wisdom, insights, honesty and delightful sense of humor totally hooked me, and I realized she was exactly the coach I needed.

Jessica is SO insightful.  She just cuts to the core of the issue and calls it as she sees it.  She really helped me identify and work through some painful memories and beliefs.  She is incredibly tender hearted, but Jessica still held me accountable. That experience helped me to see a new perspective on a painful core issue and has started a process within that is literally changing my life.

It’s astonishing to me how she can weave together a cluster of unrelated thoughts into a logical explanation and bring clarity to a situation.  Jessica listens and cares, is honest and direct, is kind but firm, and her joyful spirit truly helped shed light in the darkest corners of my mind.

Definitely hire Jessica if you want an amazing coach who will meet you where you are and take you on an incredible journey into yourself.

~Deborah Rose

Jessica Steward is truly tender-hearted, whip-smart and deeply insightful.  I have been trained by her, taught by her, and mentored by her.  Mostly, I felt seen by her.  She gives the gift of attention, focus, and appreciation. 

I moved from my traditional mode of focusing on my negative traits to acknowledging and celebrating what is unique and wonderful about me – my positive traits, my potential, my achievements and hope for the future. This was a huge shift for me. Also, Jessica wants me to succeed, to be happy – her commitment to me and faith in me enabled me to believe in myself and trust the beautiful process that she led me through. 

Jessica is a Master Coach with a wealth of experience and an impressive array of powerful tools (for one so young and good-looking). She hit the nail on the head every time, in ways that supported actual, tangible change for me – she helped me find profound insights into my own psyche that went way beyond theory and resulted in deep, practical transformation.

It’s a beautiful thing to have someone whole-heartedly in your corner, believing in you and cheering you on every step of the way – this is what Jessica offers.

~Ali Duffey

Andrea Owen, Your Kick Ass Life, talks about my Video Star class:

Just wanted to share what a great teacher you have been.  Your peaceful, open and playful style is terrific.

I loved how you showed us to be more curious and let our curiosity about the details help us help our clients.

“Jessica’s Video Star class gave me ideas, inspiration, and support to put my videos out in the world. Her class videos were fabulous–professional, inspiring, funny, and educational. If you want video to be a part of your online presence and need a little help, take this class!” 

– Jenny Shih, Life Coach & Superhero Sidekick

How to Feel Complete from Jenny Shih on Vimeo.

Jessica- just cannot tell you what a difference you have made for me and how much I have learned from you these last couple of weeks. You put everyone at ease and graciously guide us to learn in such a trusting way and manner. It is so clear that you are completely present with us and want us all to succeed at being the life coaches we are meant to be. THANK YOU!

“If you are contemplating taking Jessica’s Video Star class, stop contemplating and sign up. Jessica’s instruction, candor, and support were above and beyond. I’ve taken lots of classes and telecourses, and Jessica’s was one of the most thoroughly thought out and prepared. I didn’t want to miss any of the calls – they were so full of content and fun, and her critiques of students’ videos were transparent, helpful, and always kind. I learned what I needed to know to create videos when I want, was able, with Jessica’s help, let go of my perfectionism (which only leads to fear and procrastination), and even after the class is over, I have the ability to go back and review using the worksheets she provided for us. Top notch, all the way. Thank you, Jessica.”

– Deb Droz, Life and Wellness Coach


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