The Quietest Thing

The room was solemn, tinged by a slight air of impatience. Or maybe that was just coming from within me. I had cried so hard that day that my contacts floated out of my eyes twice, and now… nothing. I […] Read the full article

I Told You So: The Happiest Moment

The Happiest Moment of My Life was an ordinary moment. I hadn’t been feeling well and got sick. After taking a shower, I was lying on the floor, staring at a dog’s slightly skunk-smelling butt (long story), and I felt […] Read the full article

I Told You So: The More You Know…

Gentle Reader: Welcome to how my brain works. Seemingly random bits of information that all make sense to me. What do funny cat videos have to do with our thoughts? Everything and nothing. P.S. All facts are true as I […] Read the full article

On God

My relationship with God has always been somewhat complicated. I wasn’t raised in a particular religion or faith. While my father had been raised Catholic and my mother Presbyterian, I wasn’t baptized or confirmed or communed. I’m fairly certain that […] Read the full article

I Told You So: On Being a Grown Up

Truthfully? This month’s comic strip isn’t so far from reality. Being a grown-up is hard work and  from time-to-time, I do declare myself queen and refuse to do housework.  But I don’t drink tea. That part is made up. I […] Read the full article

I Told You So: Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

I love how Elly captured my rich, cheesy, fantasy life in this strip: Annie Lennox, a baguette of French bread, piles of cheese, and my beloved husband, Brendan. Does it really get any better than this? I mean, who am […] Read the full article