The Time is “Now,” Not “When”

There will never be the perfect time to launch.

You will never be more ready than now.

You will never be braver than in this moment.

If you are waiting for when you stop being afraid, you will be waiting forever. The fear will never go away. The flutter in your stomach, the quickening of your breath: It never disappears.

If you are waiting to shine brighter or to know all there is to know or to find someone who can make you do it… you won’t. Not until you leap.

And leap again. And again.

Then you will shine. And then you will realize you are that someone – the someone you always needed.

Your courage comes after the leap.

Confidence comes in knowing you took the risk.

Yes, it will be hard.

Yes, it will be terrifying.

Yes, it may not work out as you expected.

And yet it will be totally and completely worth it.


Because you will finally understand that you have everything you need in this moment now.

Because you will have trusted yourself and taken a calculated risk.

Because you will have loved wildly and dared greatly.

Because you will have stopped trying to play it safe.

Safety is an illusion, a cover for staying small.

So stop waiting…

The time is “now,” not “when”.