Embracing the Hero’s Saga: Welcome to the New Face of Steward Coaching!

At last, you’ve done it! You’ve set a deadline for launch, buckled down, given your designer the high sign, and then sat and waited for all of the new content and design to be propagated on the web server.

Ah. There it is, in all its glory. Your new website! You love it! You find some areas you want to clean up. Update the new “featured video” sticky post at the top of your blog. Twice. Fix links. Tweak copy. Write copy that you’d put off writing, but couldn’t delay the launch any longer for fear of unleashing the Wrath of The Web Designer. Besides, there’s no better motivation to write than blank pages on your site.

You go to sleep very late. The world wakes up and in spite of your gritty eyes, you wake up too. Then, you check your emails, hoping for a lovely note from a friend. Instead you find that you’ve just sent an empty RSS email campaign to your email list. Twice. Sigh. Welcome to the Hero’s Saga, whose mantra is “This is a lot friggin’ worse than I expected and that’s okay.”


The Hero’s Saga is that place in the cycle of all of life’s changes where your carefully planned dreams become a reality, as do all of the unexpected consequences and benefits that go along with daring. Sometimes when we take the leap, things don’t work out exactly as expected and honestly that is okay. Once the pit in you stomach clears up and the trickle of a self-pitying tear dries from your face, you pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself off and keep on keeping on.

As a solopreneur – heck, as a human being – it is our struggle that creates the strength we need to keep us dreaming and daring. It is not our story of failure that makes us stronger, it’s the lesson we take away from it to help guide us in making decisions the next time. And it’s the pay-off of our eventual success and the gift of insight into our ourselves and others that convinces us do it all over again.

Life is change. And as a small part of my own journey, I decided it was time to change up some things for my business. Specifically, it was time to update my website and redesign the Steward Coaching experience to be something more in keeping with my playful spirit. It was time to rewrite my copy in my authentic voice. And apparently it was also time to learn a little something special about RSS email campaigns and what might go wrong with part of my carefully laid plan.

Perfect. Because that means I get to sit here this Saturday morning and tell you all about my beautiful new site. The love I have for a man who sits furiously editing the copy on that no-longer blank website page. And the gratitude I have for each and every one of you for allowing me to be completely myself – in all my imperfect glory – so that I may share this Hero’s Saga with you.

Welcome to the New Face of Steward Coaching! I’m so happy to have you here.

P.S. Terribly sorry for those two other blank posts in your inbox. I was having a little trouble using Mailchimp as you may have inferred.