A Message From The Soul: This is Your Perfect Journey

What happens when you quiet your mind, feel your emotions, listen to your body, and drop into a place where you can meet with your soul…your higher self…the universe and hear its message?

What if you put down the knife that you keep falling upon and instead ask yourself what it is you need to know in this moment, particularly in regards to your health and body? Yesterday, I did just that and here is the message I received from my soul. May it help guide you in your own perfect journey…

You are beautiful and strong.
You have done so much for yourself.
This is just a new part of that.
Caretaking is not a simple process.
It never ends.
It’s a way of life.
You now know what you need to do next, because you finally listened.
And it’s okay that it took you as long as it did to get here.
We are borrowing this body.
It is a vessel through which we learn everything we need to know.
This would not be a journey if we were already at our destination.
Just pay attention, and remember that if it’s not love, it’s not true.

This is your perfect journey.