Note to Self: I Love You

Having trouble forgiving yourself?

Forgiveness starts with love. Loving yourself enough to believe you are worthy of forgiveness. Forgiving yourself enough to create space to let love trickle in.

Love your body for pumping your blood and filling your lungs with oxygen. Day in. Day out.

Love your loud, braying laugh that comes from those very lungs and is sometimes the only thing that keeps you feeling truly alive.

Love the strong calves your ancestors gave you that help carry you through the hills and valleys of your life.

Love your fat and how it keeps you warm. Love it even when it feels like the only thing that keeps you from being happy. It’s here for a reason. And it is just doing its job. You asked it to come here and you can also ask it to leave.

Even love your weird little toenail. You got that from your mother who taught you the meaning of love.

Love your cowlicks and the grey sparkles in your hair. You earned each one, even if you like to keep them undercover. Love that about yourself, too.

Love your enemy so she can finally know what it feels like to be loved by another. You two probably have more in common than you think. While you’re at it, love the enemy inside of you.

Love yourself enough to ask for help. Love yourself enough to accept it.

Then love yourself enough to let people love you exactly as you are. Let them cheer for you and support you without condition. Love them as your chosen family. Value their words more than those who try to break you apart. Then love that there are others who love to love you and bask in the knowing…

Love is the only language that transcends time and space. It is the only thing that transcends language itself. It  is indelible and unending. It never dies; it only morphs and changes into something bigger, different, better, stronger.

Love is the only four-letter word that can truly invalidate the potency of hate. The only thing that can create lasting, meaningful abundance.

Love yourself and in turn, others will follow.

Love when it feels like there is no love to give. When you are hopeless. Where there is love, there is hope. It is there. Trust me.

And when you are done loving, start it all over again.

For you are never done. You are simply transcending.