Nose to the Canvas

Imagine your newly burgeoning career or business as an impressionist painting.

There may already be broad strokes of color on the canvas that guide you, but mostly you create the painting as you go.

You generally know what you want that painting to be (or how you want it to make you feel), but you aren’t sure how to get started or what to do next.

You don’t want to cut yourself off from possibility.

The problem is that you’re at the beginning and you’ve got your nose on the canvas. You’re deep in your head, worried about what color to pick, where to place it, and paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice.

Sometimes you want to step all the way back and see the big picture so you know what to do next, but the bigger picture isn’t there yet or it’s in a form you wouldn’t understand.

When your nose is on the canvas, you can stand there – safe, with no perspective – just worrying about what color to pick and if it’s the right one.

Or you can simply pick up the brush and start painting what’s in your eye-span. Choose cobalt blue, burnt sienna, or ochre. When you are that close to the canvas, the color doesn’t matter.

What matters is whether you are painting.

The best way to get perspective is to simply start moving.