I remember my manager at my first job had several words that she despised. Just the sound of them drove her to distraction.





At another job, I had a co-worker admit to shuddering at the word “pomegranate” when we were out to dinner one night. I promptly ordered a pomegranate martini. It just sounded so delicious. (And it was.)

Words have power. A single word can express your entire internal life and convey the deepest meaning with a minimum of effort. We can use words to judge, to define, to describe, to express, to repress. We can use words to hurt and to love.

Words can convey negativity…

Closed. Hatred. Bigoted. Fearful. Hopeless. Needy. Fake. Inertia. Dull. Limited. Lackluster. Intimidate. Repress. Conformity. Imprison. Obligation. Hard.

Sometimes, we use words to cast aspersions on entire races of people, or ethnic groups, or followers of a particular religion. These are often simple words that carry huge meaning.

Words can convey expansiveness…

Open. Adoration. Curious. Wonder. Joy. Marvel. Delight. Rapturous. Effervescence. Potential. Shining. Dazzle. Individuality. Liberated. Choice. Easy.

These are delicious words that carry the decadent possibilities that life has to offer.

What words tickle your tongue and delight your ears? What words fill you with dread and abhorrence?

How can you change your language to express the opportunities that life presents versus the limits that you believe hold you back?

And in the meantime, what can we do about the word “panties”? Because frankly, that one kind of bugs me, too.