Your Secret Identity

We all have a secret identity; that little something about us that a limited few – if any – know about.

Diana Prince as Harry Potter

Some of us volunteer at shelters or answer crisis hotlines on weekends. Some of us are amazing watercolorists, talented knitters, incredible storytellers.

You may sing. You may play drums in a Steely Dan tribute band. You may be able to recite Shakespeare sonnets in Pig Latin.

Maybe you are the Queen or King of Brady Bunch Trivia or you have the largest Hummel figurine collection in Texas. Maybe you have a deep, almost obsessive, passion for Hawaiian music. Maybe you have an incredible eye for color and can make a house feel like a home with box of paper clips and a new shower curtain.

We all have extraordinary talents or passionate interests that fill our hearts and nourish our souls. Sometimes we are known for these gifts and sometimes we keep them close to us. Sometimes we discount our aptitude as trivial or inconsequential. Occasionally we are able to translate these innate abilities into our life’s work.  Sometimes we don’t even realize that our incredible attention to detail and our ability to focus for long periods of time on needlepoint can also contribute to us being an amazing accountant.

Are you a long-distance cyclist as well as a busy stay-at-home mom? A life coach and a competitive body builder? A foster mom and a parking clerk? Are you able to fix anything mechanical but spend your days as a criminal defense attorney? Can you heal with your hands at night while you develop software during the day?

What’s your Secret Identity?

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.