You Better (Become the) Watcher Self

Hello again.

I promised all y’all (I lived in the South for 3 years so I’m entitled) an explanation of why I call my blog “Watcher Self.”  Not only is it an ever-so-clever play on words (Get it? “Watch yourself?”), but it actually has meaning, too.  Neat!

As a coach, I often ask my clients to step outside of their role as Self Critic, Personal Judge & Jury, or Self Saboteur and assume the role of “The Watcher”.  I don’t mean they should become Peeping Toms, because that’s just creepy, but rather become a curious observer of their own negative feelings and the thoughts or situations that trigger them.

"I'm watching"

So next time you feel a twinge of stress, fear, sadness, fury, or any derivation of a negative emotion, take on that role of the Watcher and ask yourself:

  1. What exactly am I feeling?
  2. Where am I feeling it in my body?
  3. What’s making me feel this way?

And then ask yourself “why?”… a lot.

Because as the Watcher – the compassionate witness to your thoughts and feelings – you’ll find out all sorts of interesting things about your thinking patterns, about your beliefs, and about what triggers your drinking, overeating, or other destructive behavior. You will begin to notice what makes a pit form in your stomach or causes the tightening in your chest.

As a coach, I help facilitate this process and help you get past that limiting, gnawing, nagging negativity to the better-feeling truth behind it. Once we help you get out of the way of those negative beliefs, we can start the dreaming and scheming to your best life.

So y’all better get out there and Watcher Self. We’re gonna want something good to talk about!